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Significant Achievements: 

a. Since the beginning of the Project:

·     Seed Business Programme: Incubation of four seed business ventures successfully for production of Paddy Seed on 250 acres of land of Upparbandha Beej Gram in East Singhbhoom and Dhanbad (Jharkhand).

·     Enrolment of 30 Entrepreneurs/NGOs in different sectors of Agribusiness like Piggery, Poultry, Goatery, Floriculture, Organic Farming, Dairy, Horticulture, Fishery, Apiculture, Processing and Post Harvest Technology.

·     Establishment of Cattle Feed Plant at BPD, BAU with current revenue generation of Rs 6 Lakhs per month (Net Profit of `.60,000 per month).

·     Over 450 Entrepreneurs have been assisted with capacity building and trainings.

·     Commercialization of BAU technologies: T X D Pig, Black Bengal X Beetle Goat to 16 Entrepreneurs.

·     Providing consultancy services by preparation of Feasibility Study Report and Business Plan for establishment of Food Testing Laboratories in five different countries in Africa under Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Govt. of India & ICRISAT, Hyderabad.

·     Facilitated filing of two patents by Faculty of Forestry, BAU - BIRSIN & BIRSOL & assisted for approval from the Jharkhand State & National Biodiversity Authority.

·     Provided Consultancy, Training & Project Report preparation for a vertically integrated Pulse Mill for Farmer Producer Organisation of 300 farmers and establishment of 1 Retail Outlet for green vegetables, fruits and pulses.

·     Provided technical training, supply chain establishment & marketing support to five different Producer Organisations for Organic farming in 1600 Hectares involving 2000 farmers in Jharkhand & Bihar.

·     Evaluation of selected probiotic products as poultry feeds of Mr. Vijay Kumar, TePP Entrepreneur (Technopreneur Promotion Programme of Department of Scientific & Industrial Research).

·     Development of BPD Unit website for online dissemination of technologies ready for commercialization.

·     Produced 10 video films in different sectors of agribusiness for training.

·     Technical & business planning assistance for establishment of “HUDA AGRO & LIFESTOCK PARK” at Tara village, Palamu, Jharkhand.

·     Participated and presented paper on “Entrepreneurship development in Organic Farming” at the International conference on Organic Farming organized by National Horticulture Mission (NHM), Govt. of Jharkhand.

·     Conducted 7 workshops and 16 trainings in different sectors of agribusiness.

·     Assistance was provided for setting up of breeding farm of Beetle goat X Black Bengal Goat and Poultry to a client - “Tripti Farm and Foods” along with a retail outlet named TeFFe.

·     Cluster Development on Floriculture: 35 farmers have been trained for floriculture in nearby area of Ranchi and East Singhbhoom districts in Jharkhand & Gaya in Bihar and that these farms have successfully started.

·     Five Workshops & Four Training programmes were conducted for agri-entrepreneurs in the following areas:

                     i.      Agribusiness funding camp in association with ICRISAT, Hyderabad and Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium(SFAC)

                     ii.      Seed Business Incubation Workshop.

                    iii.      National Seminar cum workshop on IT Mediated and Technology driven Agricultural Development.

                     iv.      Grassroots Innovations and their scope for commercialization.

                     v.      Training on Agribusiness development in Goatery.

                     vi.      Training on Agribusiness development in Poultry.

                     vii.      Training on Entrepreneurship development in Bio fertilizers.

                    viii.      Agribusiness meet cum Funding Camp along with ICRISAT, Hyderabad.

                     ix.      Entrepreneurship development in Organic Farming and supply chain management.

b.         Expected Beneficiaries:

·        Over 500 Entrepreneurs for starting enterprise in agribusiness & allied Sectors.

·        Over 600 Farmers through seed village development programme.

·        Over 2000 Farmers through cluster development in organic farming.

c.          Economic/Social Impact:

·     After starting seed production, the farmers’ livelihood have been enhanced due to increased income generation through seed production.

·     Benefitted entrepreneur farmer/people have started working on agri enterprise development instead of just producing and selling harvest for consumption.

·     Benefitted farmers’ incomes have increased from 50% to 100% by adopting new technologies and practices of improvised farm production through higher yield.

·     Entrepreneurial activity has been given a big boost through initiatives by BPD Unit as over 500 individuals have started their own businesses in agri and allied sectors rather than working in other organizations.

·     Women’s SHG federation was able to successfully commercialize and scale up production of handicrafts and grass-mat products by providing business planning guidance, marketing, funding assistance and networking support by BPD Unit.

·     Five NGOs were supported with training for Master trainers and consultancy for rural micro-enterprises through primary processing of agricultural produce.

d.      Overall Impact / achievement:

·     Sensitization of over 500 Tribal Farmers for agri-entrepreneurship development.

·     Financial Institutions (FIs)/Banks which were earlier reluctant to provide financial support for want of credible agencies for hand-holding, consulting and monitoring are coming forward to support backward & forward linkages to clients of BPD Unit at BAU.

·     BPD Unit has ensured availability of over 100 quintals of quality seeds & planting materials to over 600 farmers at local level through technical and seed material support through BAU.

·     BPD has ensured better price remuneration for over 600 farmers engaged in seed village production by linking with Jharkhand Govt for purchase of seeds.

·     BPD Unit at BAU has provided technical support, supply chain establishment and marketing support to over 2000 farmers including women in over 1600 Hectares of land for Organic Farming development.

BPD has helped in commercialization of BAU technologies like T X D Hybrid Pig, Black Bengal X Beetle Goat, Bio-fertilizer & Vermicompost production which otherwise had slow rate of penetration and commercialization.